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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Can't decide between two majors? Are you a transfer student who wants to maximize your credits? Are you interested in law school or other professional schooling? Interdisciplinary Studies is right for you!

Go further with Interdisciplinary Studies!

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a university-wide degree program that enables students to custom design their own plan of study. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree integrates coursework from multiple disciplines to prepare students for academic and professional goals in a world that increasingly bridges academic disciplines. For instance, read Sierra Okoniewski's story about how she integrated her passion for gastronomy and writing together. 

The program weaves flexibility and decision making into an opportunity for students to achieve unique personal and career goals. Students in the program have clearly identified educational goals and academic needs that can be achieved better through the Integrative Studies degree than through a traditional major. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • Offer students with cross-departmental interests the opportunity to develop their own curricular programs.
  • Offer students a baccalaureate program that integrates past course work with present career and personal goals.
  • Prepare students for post-baccalaureate education in cross-departmental fields.
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for educational and career planning.
  • Assist students in educational and personal development. 

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David Lau: Welcome to the Bachelor of Integrative Studies, also known as BIS. Integrative studies is a program that allows you the ability to choose courses for your degree that matter to you and tie into your educational and career goals. Market research shows that employers are looking for future employees who have developed solid critical thinking skills and possess knowledge from many areas. BIS students not only work with a professional adviser but are also assigned to a faculty mentor to serve as an expert in their chosen field. Integrating your coursework enables you to develop a plan that will help you launch your future and serve you in ways that are marketable and of /value to employers.

Lindsay Zeig: Each student’s plan of study is individualized and covers an array of disciplines, from fine arts to pre-medicine. Our students have the opportunity to seek coursework that truly represents their interests. Though plans of study developed by students are customized, we often find students most attracted to business and communication, the sciences such as nursing and pre-professional areas, and the humanities. Here’s what some of our students have to say about the program.

De-Andra Brown: The Integrative Studies program here at Oakland University has helped shaped my educational journey tremendously. I have always aspired to positively change people's lives, and thanks to the flexibility this program has offered, I am currently enrolled into the Second Degree Nursing program here at OU.

Aaron Dehn: I am a senior transfer student athlete at Oakland with an Integrative Studies major. I am focused on entrepreneurial studies and really wanted to make my educational journey my own. I love how flexible the BIS program is and you really can determine your own path of study based on your own personal goals and desires.

Andrea Transou: The BIS program here at OU is helping me to achieve my career goals by allowing me to take classes that are tailored to my particular needs, while considering my professional experience and vocational training for transfer credit.

Christian Little: My experience with the BIS program has been nothing short of amazing over my four years. I was able to create an individualized program that honed in on my future endeavors and passion towards a career. Advising was quick, simple and effective to where I walked out of a meeting feeling confident on my road to graduation.

Ann Hamilton: Our advising practice is highly personalized. An appointment can be scheduled by phone, in person, or online and meet with an adviser either here at main campus or at our satellite campus at the Macomb University Center. With BIS, you have the ability to choose and share with us your desire to learn. Let’s start planning your academic future today.

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

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